Practicing regularly – how to be consistent in yoga practice?

First of all, you don’t have to practice every day. Even every second or third day. Nobody said you have to! The practice is for you so do it whenever you want. I don’t like to put obligations like that on myself, like saying “now you have to do yoga every day!”, because sometimes I won’t be able to fulfill them – when I am travelling and staying in places where practicing in peace or having enough space is very difficult, when I feel sick or simply not in the mood.

Sure, setting some kind of schedule for yourself is good because it keeps you actually doing what you scheduled and sometimes yoga (or other kinds of sports!) would be a good thing to do even if you don’t feel like when you think of it. It make sense though to find balance between “I should”, “I don’t feel like” and “I want to”.

I would say that I have movement in my blood now. I know that moving is good for me. It keeps my body in shape and health, it makes my mind relax and connect with the physical body and the experience that the training gives. So training is sewn into my everyday life. I like to train more or less every second day and on the other days I do different kinds of practices. It can be yoga, but also acrobatics, stretching, handstands… whatever comes to my mind and is fun. In the morning I like to meditate but also – I don’t do it every day!

So, what I would suggest is to find your own, basic training schedule that makes you happy and try to stick to it. Tell yourself, “I want to do yoga every second morning” and do it. But really, do it. And the rest of the week do whatever else you want and see how you feel with that. If it doesn’t work – change the schedule and test it. You might come to a point where you don’t need a schedule, you will feel in your whole being that you need to move regularly and the practice will come by itself, without you having to push yourself into it or have it so much in mind.

So now, I am gonna put my mat on the floor and do some slow sun salutations because I feel stiffness in the body and I have a wish to meditate while moving. I didn’t schedule it though… it just feels like doing it!



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