Self love through body care – washable menstrual pads

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to share with you my experience with washable menstruation pads that I lOVE and  I don’t imagine my period without it anymore… Or maybe I should say, I don’t imagine my perdiod with the disposable pads and tampons anymore. In the times when Earth is drowning in garbage and brands are adding plastic and harmful chemicals wherever they can I find it important to make some small, personal modifications in my everyday life and choose eco-friendly, long lasting products.

I use menstrual pads from Eco Femme, a brand founded by European women living in Auroville, in India, and they produce them with help of Indian women. I am not gonna talk too much about them, if you’re interested check out their website. This is not a sponsored post and I don’t get anything from the brand if you click on the link or buy from them, but I like this product and I was happy for ordering some more lately for mysef and my sister.

I started with small size pads which I got in India and two of them were with PVC (a water resistant material). I like these ones more than the ones without PVC but also it depends on which day during my period I am wearing them. No PVC option is more eco-friendly for sure.

I would like to share my experience with you, although you will find answers to most of the questions on their website:

  1. How does it work? It works as a regular period pad but is reusable (oh, really! ;))) ). You put it on the bottom of your panties and change every few hours. I wear mine for 3-4 hours because my periods are not heavy but it depends on you.
  2. How do I clean it? After you change it you put the pad in a cold water for 30 minutes. This is supposed to clean most of the blood and make it possible to wash the rest out when you wash it properly after. I used to leave them for the night sometimes because I don’t always have time to stay with the pads until they soak and wash them, but it only made it easier to clean. Most of my pads were cleaned perfectly, some got some stains which didn’t come off but they are small and fading with every wash. I use eco-friendly washing liquid and put them in the washing machine with my normal washing but you can as well use a basic soap and do it with your hands 🙂
  3. Is it comfortable? Yes, and the fact that I am wearing cotton instead of plastic is making the experience of menstruating very beautiful. They are working best with tight panties though because they like to slip back when I walk. Also, I wouldn’t wear them with tight, white pants but also I wouldn’t wear pants like that when using tampons or disposable pads :D.
  4. Is it better than the moon cup? Hard to say, depends what you like more. I use the cup when I don’t have time and space to soak the pads, usually when I am travelling, camping, spending time in a big group of people constantly. Pads are working for me when I am in the city or just at home and I have space to take care of them. Also, one more thing that I like about wearing a pads is that my blood can freely flow through the vagina and it’s actually the natural way it was made to go down. I like to remember about it and let my blood flow naturally every now and then and not stopping it soon after it comes out.
  5. How long does it last? Depends how much you use them and wash them properly. After washing they got a bit less smooth and soft but definitely more absorbent. Nothing agressively chemical will be good I guess but also there is nothing bad you can to do them if you use them normally…. They can last for ages.
  6. How many do I need? That’s up to you. I started with three small ones and it was pretty fine for the last days. Now I got myself more – two for the night, three bigger ones for the day and an additional small one and it seems to be more than enough.

So, to sum up, I do recommend this solution and I am encouraging you to change your habits and be more lovely to the Earth and your body.  The pads are beautiful, come in different patterns and colours and it’s an additional fun to play with that “fashion” and esthetics part ;). And also, period is something natural for all women and it’s a big part of who we are. Let’s start loving it more (with the pads of the cup it’s much easier!).


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