Arm Balances – workshop in Berlin 3.2.19

This workshop is for everyone who is interested in learning and exploring arm balances.

During the workshop, we will work on several more and less known arm balances. We will explore the common elements which are connecting them as well as specific techniques of performing each one of the asanas. We will learn how to prepare for, enter and exit the positions and dive in the world of strenghtening your core, arms and upper back so that the practice is safe and the most effective.

The workshop is designed for every yogi, yogini and all enthusiasts of balancing and working with the body. It does not matter if you are just starting out, or maybe you are already a well oriented in the art of arm balancing. No matter what is your level of advance you will get valuable tips and inspiration for further practice.

Required skills: plank, chaturanga.

Sunday 3rd February ’19 at 10:00-12:30


35 EUR for 2,5h

*Ask me if you’re interested un workshops bundle offer (special offer for more than one workshop!)




About me:

Marta has been practicing yoga since 2011. She was drawn to it by the wish to learn handstands but soon it became something much more than just a physical activity. By practicing and teaching she supports and searches for movement based on creativity and a need to fulfill what body body and mind need. She regularly trains and teaches handstands, she is also known as an acroyoga pioneer in Poland. Since 2014 she’s been leading workshops, courses and classes in Poland and other European countries.

Read more here:

Please note that the workshop will be taught in ENGLISH.



Please note that the number of spots for this workshop is limited. I am saving the right to cancel the workshop at any time for any reason. In this case all money paid will be returned to you. There are no cancellations after 14th of January and only if you paid for your spot it is secured. If you cannot join the workshop and you get to know about it after 14th January you should find someone to replace you as there are no direct refunds.

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