Dear Yogis from Leipzig!

As I lately moved to your neighbourhood I would love to start sharing my love for yoga with you and teach regular classes!

As I help myself with that every single day, I also wish to help YOU to find harmony between movement and breath, work on your strength, but also softness and comfort in asanas, as well as cultivate peace of mind and heart to face all the days of life, full of impressions from all around, ith joy and excitement ♥

On this Thursday morning Vinyasa class we will practice creative, strong sequences where continuous flow, holding the postures a little bit longer or playing with handstands and arm balances will be something you can definitely expect to happen every now and then 🙂
The class is open to everyone who loves classical approach to yoga but has mind open for experimenting, going sometimes towards the unknown and moving around or stepping off the mat.


My wish is that you will leave the class awakened, energized, and ready for the day!

Classes will happen every Thursday between 8:00-9:00 at Razufa – Raum zum Fantasieren. Since I would like everyone who struggles financially or simply cannot afford classes in studios to be able to join the yoga community and practice together, the classes will be DONATION BASED.

Looking forward to meet you in one month!



Check out more on my website: and my instagram account:


A tiny bit about me:

Whether it’s yoga, handstands or acroyoga Marta’s approach is always the same – “let’s challenge our bodies and minds by moving. By coming out of our comfort zones – turning upside down, training with others or staying consistent in our yoga practice. The challenge though doesn’t mean it will be physical – it can be but usually the biggest difficulty lays in the mind trying to run away, find excuses, escape and go back to the well known territory. But hey! In this scary unknown space we can find such beautiful treasures sometimes…right?? Let’s find it together!”


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