LIVE online classes


I am offering a few kinds of classes. Here’s a description of each one of them. Schedule and registration links below.

CREATIVE CORE. It’s a 22 minute long workout (the whole meeting lasts for ca 40 minutes) where we focus mainly on the belly, back & bum. We’re working on strenghtening the core and bringing more awareness into our bodies in a creative way. No boring crunches, no jumping and any other cardio in this workout! Just nice, static exercises.

POWER YOGA. This one is a physically demanding, 60 minute long yoga class, suitable for yogis with some previous yoga experience. The classes are well designed with a focus on proper alignment, core work and creative movement. You can expect to feel that you did something good for yourself after this class.

COURSES. Coming soon!

MASTER CLASSES. Coming soon!

Would you like to train online with me? Here’s a current schedule of classes in English & in Polish.

Classes in English:
2.05 – CREATIVE CORE workout. 30 min. 9AM Berlin time.
3.05 – POWER YOGA practice. 60 min. 11AM Berlin time.

Register here:

Classes in Polish:
5.05 – CREATIVE CORE trening. 30 minut. 9:00 czasu polskiego.
705 – POWER YOGA praktyka. 60 minut. 11:00 czasu polskiego.

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