Press Handstand – Workshop in Berlin 17.10.20


Are you dreaming about effortlessly pressing into a handstand? This workshop is an exploration for those of you who would like to learn this difficult skill.

The elements of press handstand – Saturday (2h) 13:00-15:00

The art of balancing while standing on your hands is difficult, but the art of entering a handstand without any momentum is even more challenging!! But that shouldn’t stop you or discourage you from learning or trying because the journey towards it it’s also super exciting and beneficial for your body and mind!

During this workshop you will wake up your muscles, increase your body awareness and – using props such as blocks, or blankets – you will try to put the first steps in the world of press handstand.

Prerequisites to join: A regular handstand practice and being familiar with the idea of balancing will be useful.

Please note that the course will be taught in English.


Due to corona crisis I am offeringa few price options.

If your financial situation is under control please pay a regular price of 45 EUR. You’re welcome to pay more if you would like to support me and those who can’t pay this price. ❤

If you have suffered financially, couldn’t work and got no support from the state I am offering a price of 25 EUR for this workshop. I am not going to check you – I rely on your honesty.

If you bought my online handstand course ( this workshop costs you 20 EUR.

COMING BACK to the same workshop? 50% discount from the regular price is waiting for you 🙂


Payment details:

Marta Witecka
PL 39 1140 2004 0000 3512 0640 2384
Transfer title: “handstand 17.10 berlin”

Please note that the workshop will be taught in ENGLISH.


About me:

Marta has been practicing yoga since 2011. She was drawn to it by the wish to learn handstands but soon it became something much more than just a physical activity. By practicing and teaching she supports and searches for movement based on creativity and fulfillment of what body body and mind need. She regularly trains and teaches handstands, she is also known as an acroyoga pioneer in Poland. Since 2014 she’s been leading workshops, courses and classes in Poland and other European countries. Join her online courses at

Read more here:

Please note that the workshop will be taught in ENGLISH.


Important: Please note that the number of spots for this workshop is limited due to corona crisis and in general. I am saving the right to cancel the workshop at any time for any reason. In this case all money paid will be returned to you. Refunds are possible only until 12th of August..

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