Marta has always been passionate about movement and its interesting forms. She is a law graduate but the legal path has never felt as exciting as her greatest passions – yoga, handstands and acroyoga.

Marta has been practicing yoga since 2011. She was drawn to it by the wish to learn handstands but soon it became something much more than just a physical activity. By practicing and teaching she supports and searches for movement based on creativity and a need to fulfill what body body and mind need. She regularly trains and teaches handstands, she is also known as an acroyoga pioneer in Poland. Since 2014 she’s been leading workshops, courses and classes in Poland and other European countries.

During her classes she will invite you to take the journey to the free movement, flexibility of your mind and body and connection to your spirit. To your true self.

Whether it’s yoga, handstands or acroyoga Marta’s approach is always the same – “let’s  challenge our bodies and minds by moving. By coming out of our comfort zones – turning upside down, training with others or challenging ourselves during yoga practice. The challenge though doesn’t mean it will be physically exhausting – it can be but usually the biggest one lays in mind trying to run away, finding excuses to come back to the comfort zone.”

Polish website: acroyogawitecka.pl