Halle Acrobatics Convention ’18

The convention

Join us for the first acrobatic convention in Halle! We are more than excited to share the news with you and looking forward to the training time together! Come and share the acrobatic energy with 34 other acrobats during the 21st -24th of June ’18. This event will be cameral, cozy, with a strong intention to keep the price and costs as low as possible and give a lot of space for workshops as well as open trainings. Thanks to the size of the event there will be an opportunity to connect better to our fellow acrobats and keep the family energy. It will be also possible to remember all of the names – when was the last time you were at a convention when that was possible!? 😉

The venue

The convention will be hosted by GutAlaune, a growing artist and creative community of 10 big and 5 small humans. It’s located on the hill, just outside Halle (Saale) in Germany, right next to the river and surrounded by nature. Parts of the place are still a bit improvised but it is abundant in charm and feel-good -energy. For the training space we have a basic circus tent and two outside training spaces with longes and puzzle mats. We offer a bike-borrowing option for those who’d like to visit the nearby hills, meadows, forests or city! Sleeping – in your tent. Shower – outside. With curtains 😉

The teachers

Teachers for this convention will be announced soon.
Do YOU have an experience as a teacher and would like to contribute this way to the event? Write to us and share your idea what and how much you would like to teach: jonglirium@gmail.com.
Teachers will get 20 € per workshop (If teaching as a team, the maximum discount is 40 € per workshop).

The schedule

Join us for Morning Yoga, Handstand/Warm Up, Two Workshop Rounds with two workshops at a time and Free Training Time, as well as Participants Workshops to revisit what we have learnt and learn more from each other. Precise timetable will be announced in a bit.

Costs of participation: 120 EUR

Price includes:

– two vegetarian/vegan meals per day cooked by our cook and a DIY breakfast buffet
– a contribution to the space (fascilities, water, power, outside shower and donation for the eco-community)
– ten workshops and guided yoga/handstands/warmups
– tent space (if you want to come by van please contact us)

We have space for two longes and puzzle mats to make the training possible on all levels.

The event has a non commercial character and we would like to offer you the lowest price possible so that everyone can join, no matter the financial situation. If you would like to pay less, we offer a few helpers jobs (building up and down), as well as teaching jobs, so you can get discounts and refunds and make the convention more affordable.

Since it’s a “do it yourself” kind of event we will ask all participants to share the care jobs such as cleaning, cutting veggies, helping with building up/down etc. Please write to us for more information.

ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM: https://jonglirium.typeform.com/to/LQ034P

Leonie, Marta, Felix & Justus