Handstand workshop – Berlin 2nd June ’18

This workshop is for beginners as well as for those of you who already can do a handstand but it’s not perfect and you would like to make it (closer to) perfect! 😉

What will you learn?

Learning how to do a handstand is a process of discovering your own potential, gaining confidence and overcoming your internal barriers. Regardless of whether you never did a handstand in your life or maybe you are already well oriented in this acrobatic trick, you will certainly gain a valuable experience during these workshops. I will give you helpful tools and share my knowledge about handstands so that you will have the skills and courage needed for practicing the art of balancing on your hands.

Workshop I – ABC of handstands – Saturday 2nd June (3h) 11:00-14:00

We will work on alignment, proper work of the shoulder girdle, discovering the basic principles of handstands, so you can build confidence and increase your body awareness. You will learn exercises that will help you unite body and mind and create a solid foundation for standing on your hands. We will work both independently and in small groups, in an atmosphere full of support and mutual concern for safety, appropriate for all levels of practice.

Prerequisites to join: none, all levels welcome!

Workshop II – The elements of press handstand – Saturday 2nd June (1,5h) 15:00-16:30

An art of balancing while standing on your hands is difficult, but the art of entering handstand without or with a very subtle momentum is even more challenging. During this workshop you will wake up your muscles, increase an awareness of the body and – using props such as blocks, or blankets – you will try to put the first steps in the world press handstand.

Prerequisites to join: being able to enter handstand free/against the wall and hold it for ca 10 sec. Some handstand practice and being familiar with the idea of being upside down and balancing will be useful.

Workshop III – Balance, dynamics and making shapes – 2nd June, Saturday – 1,5h 16:45-18:15

Already know basics? Join me on a workshop focused solely on balancing, dynamic entries to handstands and handstand shapes. Balance means a very subtle work of hands and it takes time and lots of body awareness to understand it and feel it. Dynamics in handstand means giving pace, stopping it and then balancing upside down – so it requires control over many different elements that’s what we will play with during this workshop. Exploring different shapes in handstands is one of the things I love most – to just have fun with the movement and challenge myself!

Prerequisites: being able to jump to handstand in the middle of the room (no wall) and would be amazing if you can hold it for a few seconds. No perfection required because we can work with spotting anyway but it will be good if you have no fear of falling and know how to bail out from handstand (fall to backbend, twist, roll, whatever works for you 😉 )

Please note that the course will be taught in English.

Workshop I 3h – 35 EUR/40 EUR after 1st May 18
Workshop II 1,5h – 20 EUR/25 EUR after 1st May 18
Workshop III 1,5h – 20 EUR/25 EUR after 1st May 18

All workshops package: 65 EUR/payment until the end of April

Registration online: https://acroyogawitecka.typeform.com/to/Jzba9F

To secure your spot please pay 50% of the full price to the account below or contact me for other payment options:

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Questions: contact@martawitecka.com

Marta Witecka – Marta has always been passionate about movement and its interesting forms. She is a law graduate but the legal path has never felt as exciting as her grestest passions – yoga, handstands and acroyoga. She teaches both on workshops in European cities and takes part in artistic projects. She practices yoga and regularly tries new activities to never forget how it feels to be a beginner in a sport discipline.

more: www.martawitecka.com