Yoga is my way of coming back to myself. Leaving the daily haste a little behind to remember that it is only here and now that actually matters.

I practice and teach different styles of yoga as I find diversity a great benefit for growth. I find slow paced practice important for centering, grounding and releasing the tension in the body. During my intense times on the mat I challenge my mind to stay in the practice and observe myself when the body is brought sometimes to its limits.

I teach beginner and advanced yogis of all ages. I love to pay attention to technical details which are usually the most important, no matter how small they seem, while still allowing the body to move freely instead of restricting it and stressing it out. I love to encourage my students to TRY, to stop thinking and start feeling. It usually does magic.

I am a certified yoga teacher (200RYT vinyasa/ashtanga, @yogaalliance).